Monday, June 20, 2011

Drew's End of Year Celebration

Drew loved going to preschool this year. He's sad it's over for the summer and will miss his friends.

Drew and Christian

Drew and Robert


Drew and Laci love to ride in the Jeep. They look like a little old couple riding around our circle.

Baby Turtle

Drew and Laci found a baby turtle in our backyard this spring. It was our pet for a few hours. All of the kids loved it. We let it go in the pond behind our house that night.


We went to Korea for 9 days in April. Nick had to go for work, so I tagged along. We flew Grandma Sally out to stay with the kiddos. It was a nice kid-free vacation for us. Nick served his mission in Seoul, so it was fun to see him back in his old stomping ground. My favorite part of the trip was watching peoples' reactions to Nick speaking Korean. He still remembers some of the language and a white dude speaking Korean isn't very common.

A really old palace
A fun market
When we were walking around one night, Nick heard a familiar ping...the sound of a ball being hit off a bat. We had come across some batting cages and he HAD to give it a shot. FYI - He struck out his first 10 tries. Bret and Cole loved that dad strikes out too!

We found the church on our last day. It was in the same location, but Nick says it's a totally new building.

We took a tour up to the border between North and South Korea, aka the de-militarized zone (DMZ). It was the most interesting part of the trip. We got to go down into a tunnel that the North had dug to trying to invade the South. They've discovered around 20 of these tunnels, all of which have been unsuccessful.

Me, with the North Korean flag in the distance. We could use the binoculars to look over into North Korea. There was a huge statue of Kim Jong Il, their leader. I guess there are lots of these statues all over the country.
A sign posted in one of the restroom stalls...instructions on how to use (and not use) a toilet.


This is the sledding hill we made with all of the snow we got. It was a long, cold, snowy winter.


Bret got braces in March!! He's more like a teenager everyday...SCARY!

Cole's 8th

Cole turned 8 on February 26. He had a laser tag party with about 10 of his closest buddies. A couple of weeks later, Grandma, Grandpa and cousins Kate and Emily came to visit for Cole's baptism.